Try Freedom for free

Does StayFocusd work on iPhone, iPad, Android, PC, or in other browsers?

Nope. Luckily, Freedom does.

Freedom blocks distracting apps and websites everywhere.

iPhone and Android devices? Check.

Mac and Windows? Check.

It blocks distracting websites in browsers like Safari, Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer, and more. It can also block time-consuming desktop applications like email, Steam, and Slack. It even works on Kindles, Chromebooks, and Linux devices.

Install it everywhere, then schedule and sync your blocks across devices.

Oh, and if you use the code STAYFOCUSD at checkout, you'll get 40% off Freedom Premium, because you're a StayFocusd user.

It's free to try, so do it now. It's okay. I'll wait.

Try it now.

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